Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Chapter from the Book of Job

Job: it's a book I've never read all the way through because it has about four times as many chapters as I think are necessary, but the bible dictionary says, "Narrates the afflictions that befell a righteous man and discusses the moral problem such sufferings present. The book of Job does not entirely answer the question as to why Job (or any human) might suffer pain and the loss of his goods. It does make it clear that affliction is not necessarily evidence that one has sinned. The book suggests that affliction, if not for punishment, may be for experience, discipline, and instruction (see also D&C 122).

That last part made me smile.
In the story of Job we learned that he struggled in three main categories. I'll use parallels from this week. It'll be fun.

Loss of family and property-
OK, so nothing to do with the family part (thankfully) but on an intercambio [companion exchange] this week with Hermana Rica, I realized all too late that the keys to the church and our piso [apartment] were with my companion.... In Santander. It was sufficiently stressful but thankfully the Elders came to the rescue with their extra set. (Other notes about the intercambio- we learned how to work under pressure. We ran through the rain and had a couple of great lessons.) so the loss was incredibly temporary. No pasa nada. [doesn't matter]

Job had three not-so-good friends that ended up adding the insult to injury.
Well, I don't really have that, since all of the people I work with are GREAT. But the pressure of trying to work in two intercambios in 6 days was really tough.

Physical afflictions-
Job had boils.
I stubbed (possibly broke?) my toe. It doesn't seem like such a big deal until you try and put on socks and shoes and then... Ouch.
Also... During weekly planning (trying to cram it in the day after one intercambio and hours before starting another one) I saw something black cross my companion's scalp. I pulled it out. She mentioned that her head has been itching for the past couple of days.... Further exploration confirmed the apprehension. She had lice.

And here's where the trials are a blessing in disguise.
I was spent.
I was stressed.
I was sore and tired, but my pride and worth ethic would NEVER have allowed me to rest when there was still the possibility that I could continue working. God knows me. He knew that. He sent me a way (not the most convenient way, but a way) to continue serving (combing through my companion's hair, repeated washing cycles and deep-cleaning the piso) and still get the respite I needed.

It still isn't easy. Nightly-comb throughs make a pixie-cut seem cute and practical (that's for you, Emm).  But we survived another transfer, and I'm invigorated to do better, be better, and see more miracles in these next 6 weeks.

Sorry to be so dramatic. It's the writer in me.

Lots of love!
Hermana Een

(Concilio next week, we won't write til Tuesday.)

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