Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Basque-ing in the Sun

Basque- the culture here. They have their own super complicated language (I can barely pronounce the NAME of it, not to mention any of the WORDS), flag, pride, and soccer team.
It wasn't remotely sunny this week, but we are wrapping up the summer here, and I really wanted to use this play-on-words before it faded away completely.

I've heard that there's a point in your mission called Gethsemane.
This week has been a bit of that for me. But there's also some really great things I've learned.  Hermana Randall caught a bug or something, and was pretty sick this week. We spent a couple of days in piso [apartment]. The days that we have been able to go out made a phrase in my farewell talk (I'll be faced with more rejection than my non-existent dating life has ever prepared me for) very prophetic. We're mostly through this transfer and I don't know what we have to show for it.

But skipping on to the things that I've learned,
I've had the unique opportunity to witness a Priesthood blessing with all of my companions here on the mission (except for you Hermana Manwill!). It's incredible to see these 18-20 year old boys who struggle to speak Spanish suddenly forget how to speak English and stumble over the opening bit. But then they become true conduits, and God's love and council comes through. Here's what I've learned:
God loves his missionaries
He strengthens them
He blessed them
He needs them
He is happy with what they are doing
Their sacrifices are sufficient.
He will lift and lead them
He loves their companions
He has a plan
We are here to learn.

I've also had the opportunity to read through all the conference talks of President Monson's first year as prophet, (Thanks, President Pace!) and what I found surprised me. He is a incredible person and speaker... But he's very repetitive (he said this SAME THING last priesthood session! That's the same phraseology, even!) and my grand realization is this: there are only so many ways you can rephrase the truth. And it's something we always need to hear.

We had an incredible Zone Conference (hence the Tuesday preparation day) and addressed topics that I didn't even know I needed to hear until I heard them. They are inspired, they are loving, they know our needs. Also, fun photos. Extra intercambio in the coming week or two, fun scheduling things, and the busy mission life goes on.

Thanks for all the incredible things you continue to do on the home front and in other missions.

Lots of love,
-Hermana Een

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