Sunday, September 13, 2015

August-September Project Life Cards

Area:  Barcelona 3C
Companion:  Hermana Megan Wiseman
From:  June 2015 to August 2015
Ward(s)/Branch(es)  Barcelona 3, Barcelona Stake

“No one is ever as PERFECT as you Paint them nor as BAD as you stain them.”  --Inspired thoughts of Hna. Een

Teaching Experience:  17/8/15
I had a moment of clarity with the last cita [appointment] with Willy, explaining the real difference between the wise and foolish man.  Afterwards he bore testimony and I felt my heart burn.  The Spirit was just so strong.  I’ll never forget it.

Teaching Experience:  Early August
Our last lesson with Willy was frustrating—more like a book-club, and way out of our control.  This time we decided to take charge again, and talk about prayers and real intent.  It was a beautiful lesson and he told us that he’s grateful for the time we give him in lessons, that he’s not wasting it, that he WANTS to be baptized . .  but just needs more time.  #patience

Today was (checklist)
Mostly Tracting    Pass-bys
Last night I got a little carried away and prayed that H.F. would help us lose weight . . . today none of the buildings had elevators.

Marissa Farmer (college roomie) is my most faithful snail-mail correspondent.  While my companion writes/receives letters to/from her boyfriend . . . I have Marissa.  She the one ‘waiting for me’ so we can be roommates again.  She sends me stickers and so much support and I’m so glad I have her. #theonceandfutureroommate

Last Companionship Inventory
Hermana Wiseman and I had been through a lot in our 2 transfers together.  We had a give-and-take, always improving relationship.  When it came to our last weekly planning session, the part about companionship strength and what we could improve, there was nothing left to say or do.  So we sat for a moment and just said, Thank you . . . " That’s how we knew someone would be transferred.

Intercambio  27/8/15
Hermana Ratlit
She loves movies, Batman, classic books, and missionary work.  She’s great at doing the 1st contact and is trying to improve her relationship with the members.   Helped her knock doors.  I went to her area, Las Aranzs and was able to crash a NoleRamra and run into Elder Vickery.  A good intercambio.

8/29/15—I’ve gone American.
I Learned . . . That God blesses our efforts.  After hiking to our area, a little put out and not much to do, we arrive at our destination 15 minutes before the cita[appointment] starts.  Hna. Randall seemed ready to rest but I just felt the need to talk to someone or do something.  We walked a little down the hill and though he was a little out of our ‘path’ I contacted this man.  Turns out he’s a member.  He gave us 3 references!

Teaching Experience 29/8/15
Momchil is a Bulgarian.  He’s had a hard life, and has run into the missionaries several times (once with an Hermana-Braun-from my MTC District in Madrid) and I was able to testify so clearly.  We were able to listen, and I really felt God’s love for this man, this lost sheep.  And I know we helped him.

I Learned . . . That God trusts me.  That he trusts his missionaries and sometimes calls them to do hard—very hard—things.  When you get a hard assignment everyone compliments (pities—inwardly) you and exclaims “It’s because God knows he can trust you, he trusts you so much!”  And my natural man sees my weakness and wonders, “Can’t He trust someone else?”  And you have to shake it off, rededicate yourself, and strive to be worthy of the great trust with which you’ve been placed.

Who:  Hermana Randall & I . . . and 2 Spanish Policemen
What:  We were contact/wandering in a park and the second time we passed them they asked if we were lost.  I said no.  They left.  Hna Randall freaked because she DOESN’T HAVE I.D. or a proselyting card . . .
Where:  Bilbao, 9:45 PM  August 29th [2015]

I have the HIGHEST respect for the Office Elders. Having spent 3 weeks in piso [related to a companion's injury], I know that the only thing harder than missionary work . . . is not being able to do it. The office Elders manage to stay on-top and well focused even as they do the most mundane (yet necessary) tasks. Other missionaries literally refer to the office as "the dungeon". Yet--for the most part--these Elders manage to stay upbeat and positive, and still have a great sense of humor and a spunky personality.
18/8/15 Office Elders: Pemberton, Day, Carter, & Bennet
The office Elders were a super great support for us as we (Hna Randall and I) worked through the gritty details of reporting/replacing things stolen from Hna. Randall's bag. We were describing/listing the things that were in it, lamenting mostly over the loss of her Journal (which was nearly full) but they seemed much more caught up the the case of her stolen passport as the biggest problem. I countered saying, "15 years from now, I'd rather have a journal than a passport." They said, "You can't use a journal as ID to fly back to the states." Touche.

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