Sunday, September 13, 2015

The 'Every So Often' Health Update

So I heard that people lose weight in the North. ;)
Barcelona was great, I loved it.  There was a member, Miriam, who fed us healthy Peruvian food once a week.  We also ate a lot of Gelato, brownies, Celestial Orbs (Nutella filled donuts), and chocolate-chip cookies (thanks to Hermana Eyring.)
Hitting nine-months was hard.  You just get more tired, and realize there’s still a long way to go.  But then you get over it.
There’s no Mercadona up here (the Spanish grocery store of choice) so we spend more on groceries and are a little less satisfied with them.  Pero Bueno, asi es. [but it’s so good]

I got good with exercising in Barcelona because Hna. Lee had P-90X and Hna. Eyring had something called Julian Smith work outs which I did with her almost every morning.  They were good.
Hna. Randall and I don’t have those, but we do pretty decently and have decided to go running once a week over the really pretty bridge in our area.  We’ll start next week . . . maybe ;)

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