Saturday, October 3, 2015

October-September Project Life Cards

2nd Transfer, Barcelona :)
Fun memory—Barce Buffet.  We had a tradition to go after District meeting.  The lady gave us group discounts and LOVED Elder Maurer.  We laughed, joked, and role-played the creative team of a Carlie Ray Jepson song (I really, really, really really, really, really like you”).  Can we repeat “really” 8 x’s?  No.  Cut it down to 6 and repeat the chorus 2x.  That’ll do it.

3rd time’s the charm . . .
I told Hna. Randall about how I had been separated from my companion on 2 different occasions on the metro.  I also mentioned the jinx of telling the story—means I’ll lose you next—A week passed and nothing happened.  Somehow the subject was brought up again and the next day Hna. Randall didn’t quite make it on before the doors closed.  I signaled for her to go to the next stop and waited for her there.  It was only a few minutes, and we were re-united without a problem.  Still funny, though.  The curse continues. :)

Remember This
Right time, right place.
   Sunday nights are hard here in Bilbao.  We just haven’t had a lot of direction/people to visit.
After a good recent-convert lesson in the church with Jennifer, we made a couple of calls and then . . . Decided to do pass-bys of members.  I thought maybe we should go to Sestao (somewhere sort-of far we hadn’t been to yet) but Uribarri is just so much closer . . . .but we said a prayer and I started thinking ‘maybe we’ll go to Densto’ but Hna Randall said Sestao so we headed off to the metro.
   After a couple of stops, I caught someone’s eye on the station.  She waved and I waved back, but I didn’t recognize her.  We decided she was probably just a member who saw our chapas and decided to say ‘hi’.  I fingered my chapa as we talked and after a few moments the lady next to us looked over and asked if we were Mormons.
   Her name is Carmen, she’s been here for 5 years and despite diligent efforts, hasn’t been able to find the church here.  She lost her Book of Mormon and said she feels the loss in her life.  She desperately wants to read and come to church.  I gave her a BoM (since I always have one in hand) and we gave her the address and our numbers.  She just seemed so grateful!
   And I realized that if we had decided to go to Duesto, we still would have been on that train & met her.  We are always guided, Even when it doesn’t seem so.

Fun Spanish Mistakes
We were washing dishes in the church after a ward activity.  Jennifer comes up behind me and said—“I thought she said—“Dame un abrazo”[“give me a hug”, however when double-checking with google translate I missed an “r”, which then means “give me a spleen”  the Spanish mistake just got even funnier.].  So I gave her a hug.  It was nice.  After a moment she said “gracias, Hermana, “Pero dije una vaso.” [“But I say a glass.”]  So with a laugh I handed her a cup.

Top 5 Metro Moments:
1.  Someone bringing on a 6 ft tree, spreading dirt around until he got off 3 stops later.
2.  Trekkies on a Train—2 fully-dressed cosplayers (red-shirted woman and Capt. Kirk) get on.  I regret not contacting them.
3.  Fallas band—the doors were shutting and they pushed them open to let the last trumpeter on.
4.  A woman had a cat in a carrying bag.  She didn’t let the cat out of the bag. :)
5.  The boy popping a zit in the mirror of a metro station.

Onward Ever Onward
Bug bites here have increased at an alarming rate (hence the list on the other side).
Top 5 WORST Places to have a bug bite
1.  Face—the humiliation factor.  Not only does it itch, it looks like acne, adding insult to injury.
2.  Back of the knee (Your knee-pit)—Especially as a missionary where kneeling prayers are a 4+ daily occurrence.
3.  Sock line/legs—a bug bite at the sock-line is set up for constant irritation and will take longer to heal.
4.  Hands/thumb and palm—Every time you wash your hands—which you do a lot—it gets re-irritated.  Thicker skin on your palms = :(
5.  Elbow—Resting on your elbow is no incomfortable [should be a ‘u’ not an ‘I’ . . . blame it on infrequent usage of English recently] and impossible.

“There is NO ONE I would rather lose EVERYTHING with.”  --Hermana Randall  about our 1st day

Scripture find—1 Corinthians 3:10  LEGO MOVIE REFERENCE. (10 According to the grace of God which is given unto me, as a wise masterbuilder, I have laid the foundation, and another buildeth thereon. But let every man take heed how he buildeth thereupon.)

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