Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Conference, Concilio, and Carrying On

Conference: our twice-yearly opportunity to hear the prophet and apostles speak. We say our church is founded on revelation, and this is our way to prove it. Also where we sustain new and current church leaders (we were all voting President Pace to the 70... We'll see. ;))

Concilio- leadership council which was pushed back a day so that we could see all of conference (hence the late email).
October Concilio in Barcelona

Carrying on- an issue of mind over matter. When you can't change the circumstances, change your mindset, and it's amazing what you can accomplish.

Lice has been tamed, walking is easy again, and we are carrying on.  I love general conference. Before the mission the only things that made me tear up were Pixar shorts and Mormon Messages, but now you set me down in front of an Apostle of the Lord bearing a heartfelt testimony of the Savior and I get all misty-eyed. Conference is great and I repeat the challenge President Monson usually gives and invite you to review the talks, ponder the doctrines, and apply the principles. I know I will.

We had a District meeting, and my old companion (Hermana Wiseman) is opening San Sebasti├ín (arguably the most beautiful part of Spain) and training! It's good to have her closer and be able to catch up.  Having a new area open up is a great thing! And then I found out that I am in charge of doing intercambios with those Hermanas as well, making a total of 7 intercambios within is 6 week transfer (take out the first and last, and that would be averaging 2 a week). So that's been weighing on my mind like a metric ton (because we're in Europe).  But I received a lot of peace through conference and mentioned it to President and we'll see what can be done.  Concilio was good.
Elders Bledsoe, Loaiza, Batis, Stapleton, Dunn, and Tonks. Hermanas Roggiero, Wiseman, Randall, Een
District Meeting

We were able to meet with a man who took lessons from the missionaries 7 years ago. He still has the Book of Mormon and has a desire to learn more. We're just grateful to have someone who can progress.  It's getting colder again, and we think it's here to stay.

Love you all, and hoping you'll have a great week!
 -Hermana Een

To Dad:  Someone is moving into a new piso... Which is hard here, since you have to use to windows for the big stuff and there are 4-12 floors in the average building so...
The precarious nature of the foundation reminded me fondly of your frequent building projects...
:) love ya!

 "Chillin like a Villain" in the "Frozen" church freezer

Close up of Ana and Hans

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