Monday, June 6, 2016

Another Week

I'll try to give an update without boring you too much. (That, and I've already re-started the habit of staying up too late. Don't do that! ;) )
-This week I re-started my old job as a lifeguard/Water Saftey Instructor. I was looking for something a LITTLE more grown up (little miss soon-to-be-legal-adult) but hey, it's easy and it pays well. It's weird to re-enter a familiar world only to realize how much YOU'VE changed... and that they haven't really.
-I taught my mom's YW kids a dry-land synchro routine for their girls camp skit (my mom owes me BIG time) and showed them the Noche de Talentos video when us missionaries did it in Barcelona for an example. Good times. It was impressive stuff!
-Went to the temple. I've tried to make a weekly trip. So far, so good! Now if we could stop cutting it so CLOSE and almost missing the sessions!
- Had a choir performance on Sunday after church for a group my mom roped us into. She basically wants to show off her talented kids (my sister and brother). Who can blame her? Anyway, it was also FAST SUNDAY and I was trying to be good so I didn't eat and... almost passed out on stage. Saved by a timely intermission. Lesson: Don't fast during performances, drink water, don't buckle your knees, and ditch the heels (even the little ones can be deadly!)
- Singles Ward stuff. You re-run into people from long ago. They're familiar so you can talk to them, but you also have NO idea what has been going on in each other's lives for the past 2ish years, so it's a bit awkward. One kid asked "Didn't someone have their mission call? When do you leave?" To which I answered "18 months ago." Turns out he mistook me for one of the other girls in the room who is leaving for Missouri in a month. I'd switch places with her in a heartbeat. (even though we all know Spain is better).
-I've gotten some friend requests from veteran missionaries. Signifying the start of a new transfer. Make it a good 6 weeks.
I remember in one of my last District meetings, we talked about how many of us knew people who said they wanted to "do the mission over again." Sure it's a great sentiment... but in what context do they wish it? Do they want to do it again because it was a wonderful experience- a time in which they were fully consecrated servants of the Lord and were able to feel the spirit and witness miracles? Or do they wish it because of regret- they realize too late that they slacked off, fell short, or missed the point?
Know that the decisions you make now determine your destiny, and decide to give it your all. The miracles you see in this transfer, this week, TODAY can be greater than any you've seen in your mission so far! If you prove to the Lord that you trust him. If you give your all, and if you let Him lead His work.
Today in Sacrament meeting a missionary stood and said "Our level of obedience reflects our level of conversion." Exact obedience is a result of deep and honest conversion. (And when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. That's where our example comes in.)
Ok, I'm done preaching.
I love you all and pray for you often.
Have a great week!
-Alayna Een

bonus: family photos we finally got. (Does the shirt look familiar? It's the one I used to say goodbye on every transfer Sunday.)

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