Sunday, May 29, 2016

Transfer Time

I imagine that, with the recent transfer calls, all of you will be saying goodbye to an area or a companion. You've been on my mind a lot this week. I'm wishing you all the best and anxious to know where you are and who you're with. So don't forget to tell me... I have no other way of knowing. ;) (real life probs)
The boring/life stuff this week was a trip to the DMV on my mom's birthday (Lame but necessary), a minor moving violation (18 months out of practice didn't help my already awful driving skills), and the set up for an interview at a law office on Tuesday (wish me luck in a "grown-up" job... most likely filing).

You're all in Spain so you probably didn't notice, but tomorrow (Monday) is Memorial day. It's a day most people have off of work, one  of the few national holidays we have (Spain has bastante). I came up to Utah for my cousin's homecoming (he served in Peru) and (because 90% of all El Faro missionaries seem to live in Utah) took advantage of the shortened distance to see some missionary friends.

On Friday I met with Hermanas Eyring, Bastidas, and Fenn. We talked about Spain, about the mission, about life, and got into a really long and detailed dating story (you can guess that it WASN'T mine). The mission has helped me make life-long friends.
Saturday I met up with an old roommate, watched my first movie in a theater since I left, and VISITED THE PACES.
They send their love to the mission and it's missionaries. They are still the sweetest/most Christlike people out there and seeing President Pace with his grandkids was enough to melt my heart! It was a long time coming, but that "Welcome home" hug was well worth it all. He showed me their mission reports for the years that I was there with them, and I got a peek at the old noticias (seeing my name or miracle) and then he shared with me a his notes from their last concilio- when every Sister Training Leader and Zone Leader stood and bore their testimony. That June day (almost a year ago now) I said something like "The gospel is more than just 'interesting.' (you know how people say that in the streets "interestante" in response to our testimony). The Restoration is the most important truth that this world has ever known."
I knew that was true then. I know that it's true now. What other truth can rival it? It's the beginning of hope for our day and the pathway to our future. It's a life and eternity changing. And it's worth every effort to share. Always remember that.

This Sunday night I was able to talk with my trainer, Hermana Manwill (now Vanessa Dayes), for the first time in, well... forever. I've been home a month now, so... around 16-17 months. It was so nice to catch up.

The friendships you make there will be a benefit and blessing to you for the rest of your lives. So keep meeting new people, share your special quirks and talents, and remember that YOU can make a difference.
I'll wrap up this weekly pep talk with a couple of pictures and just want you to know that I'm thinking of and praying for you all!

Alayna Een.

The last one is a chess set my cousin Michael brought back. Spaniard royalty vs. Peruvians. History says I win! ;)

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