Monday, June 13, 2016

A Wonderful Week and Willy

This week had a national friendship day thrown in somewhere (not international, but I love you all anyway. ;) ) and that was actually kind of the theme of my week. Work started, but they didn't give me ANY hours (to speak of) so I "disfrutared" and had a "hanging out with friends" marathon. I enjoyed catching up with my "seven year friends" the ones that have been there for so long (at least 7 years) that even when you go long times without seeing or speaking to each other, you start right where you left off. It's magical. (And since the mission is like 10 years of experience crowded into 18 months, we've got a head-start on that 7-year thing. ;) )
Someone was moving on Friday and I got all giddy and ridiculously excited to help them. We (my sister and I) were the only non-priesthood holders there besides the Relief Society President. Turns out that even in the REAL world, Hermanas don't do "service" like that. Turns out I still have that stubborn determination to defy that mindset. And in doing that service -seeking that opportunity- I felt like I did as a missionary.

I went to the Temple with a a friend.... and got us hopelessly lost. Turns out you can go to the same place every week and STILL not know how to get there.

I went out with the Sister Missionaries for the first time since I've been home (they don't ask me often and when they do it's last-minute and I'm at work). Their cita fallad (we all know how that feels) but we had a really good talk on the ride there and back (far away+driving mission). I mentally reminded myself that I was NOT their Sister Training Leader... and then continued to act like I was (asking questions, listening, giving advice, testifying with experiences...) old habits die hard.

But the clear, obvious, and winning highlight of the week was this morning. When Willy, a man that I worked with in Barcelona (after almost a full YEAR investigating) was finally ready to be baptized. And thanks to iPads, willing missionaries, and the miracle of modern technology, I was able to BE there! (Facetime) It was a sweet and tender moment, as the current sister missionaries sat in the front row of the baptismal room with the Hermanas who first contacted and taught him (Hermana Wiseman and I) on the iPads in their laps, and together we watched a dear friend take the first covenant on the path back to his Heavenly Father. This was a moment that "defied all description." In this work of harvesting, sometimes we plant good seeds. I was lucky enough to see this one in it's long growth. Every little effort counts.

I was looking at that picture of the Savior knocking at the door during Sunday School today. It's something we've all seen a million times, but this time I saw it and thought of all the times we spent in similar situations. We're out there knocking doors... and we're in good company. I also went to a fireside tonight and something the speaker said really impressed me and made me think of the importance of the work you are doing.
It was these simple questions: "If not YOU, who? If not NOW, when?" When we get shy or embarrassed and let someone pass by or if the fear of rejection stops you from pushing farther or extending a commitment, I want you to think of these two questions. Be determined, be brave, be bold. Know that you're backed by the BEST and the Spirit won't let you down.

I love you girls and hope you have a FANTASTIC week of miracles. If you aren't already forwarding me your emails, DO it, or drop me a line, I want to know how you're doing!
Alayna Een

some of the best people in Barcelona.

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