Monday, April 4, 2016

Conferencia genial; a spiritual charge

Conferencia: a semi-annual spiritual feast
genial: great, brilliant, witty. The Spanish equivalent of 'awesome.'
A new missionary mistake, trying to say 'general.'
Spiritual charge: high point, electricity, empowerment, being filled with the spirit.

I thought that my opener was clever. So clever in fact, that I'm almost certain that I used it last conference. But since I didn't save the note and don't have access to emails I sent six months ago, I'll just take the chance and go with the possible repeat. That's kind of what conference is like anyway, right? It's not the message that changes, it's us.

On Wednesday we had a great meeting of the Badalona zone where Hermana Larsen and I reviewed the teachings of President Dayton in Concilio.  Since he was there sitting in, I asked if he wanted to teach it himself but he respectfully declined. ;) worth the shot. We talked about perfectionism, set inspired goals, learned what that we "FEAR NO MAN" and heard the words of dying missionaries (me again).

We met a miracle named Helen. She was standing on the corner with three bags of groceries and soon became the second person in my entire mission who has ever said "yes" when I've asked them if I could help with groceries. She is the definition of positivity and mentioned that when she recently sprained her knee her first action was to thank God in prayer that it wasn't broken. We can learn a lot from her. She asked all the questions, loves the way we pray, and we'll be seeing her soon!

April first was a hard day. Conference sessions come on eternal timing. And we learned a lot! Little one-line lessons from all the speakers will be included below for those of you who would like to peruse them. Hearing my former mission president called as an Area Seventy (President Pace! So VERY in favor!) and the announcement of new temples only added to the sweetness of the meeting.

But now I would like to speak with you for a moment about "spiritual charge." Anyone who goes to conference with an open heart will be edified. Our friend Kamal entered a little late to the session, sat down, grabbed a marker, and started taking notes without us explaining much other than "these are prophets and apostles. They speak to us."
At the end of the session he stood and said, "I feel good. I like this. I will come back tomorrow." Feeling it in the moment and even a few hours after is easy because the charge is fresh, the spirit lingers, and you just feel invigorated.  But how long can you hold the charge? President Holland talked about spiritual peaks and the necessary descent back into the world. I've found that spiritual experiences alone have a rather short shelf-life.  Are we like the dead cars my Dad works with, needing two jumper cables from a stronger neighbor and even then, barely making it back home?  where every outing is an accident waiting to happen? After a conference, after the mission, after any of these peak experiences, it's our responsibility to keep the car running and in good repair with daily adventures in the scriptures, consistent personal prayer, and active participation in church meetings. And if we fall and forget and are stranded without charge in our journey, we know that rescue is possible and there will always be others to rely on... But that's not really the point. Our point is progress.  I got some much needed peace and was reminded that the gospel isn't just something you do on the mission. It's an essential part of life and eternity.

Review your conference notes this week and make that "action list."
Keep your battery in good repair.
Love you all!
Hermana Een
(If this was a repeat well then, I guess it was worth saying twice.)

Have you come hungry for the word of God?
We do more than listen to prayers, we add to the petition.
Kick off the weight of the world.
'Child of God' should be our primary identity.
Where are the keys? (Not that funny, we've be been locked out of piso twice in a week!). There is no 'X-Ray paper cheat here, no way around it, you need the priesthood keys.
If we win/lose/live with grace, then we will receive it at the end of this life.
Remember on whom you rely, and pray to him with gratitude.
How do you receive God's greatest gift? Don't distance yourself.
Tears shed in pure testimony as a righteous choir praises their God, 'prone to wander.'
See through the window of service and be His hands (that includes carrying groceries).
What shall we do? We all need a place to belong, we are builders in his kingdom.
I was a stranger, she hath wrought a great work.
Go and serve. You do not go alone. Because I have been given much...
We sustain inspired leaders, do we really listen to their counsel? No one goes his way alone.
God loves his children, knowing someone's name makes a difference.
Don't delay the rescue.
Ask your questions, receive your answer.
Initial, continued, and retained cleansing from our sins through the three ordinances.
Though we share DNA, we see things differently.
If we chose Christ, we chose right.
Knowledge and belief, bring it from your head into your heart.
Challenges are sometimes a signal of the Lord's trust in you.
Make any changes necessary to 'see yourself' in the temple.
Obedience is not a popular word, but it is a powerful principle. We carry within us the substance of divinity.
It's simple, the Holy Ghost.
He knows us and all our faults, and love us still.
Our response to the needs of refugees will help define US.
Some things can only be learned by faith.
We need the temple more than anything else.
Someday I will be healed, someday I will be whole.
Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord God will do wonders among you.

Hermana Een

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