Monday, April 18, 2016

Lo que el señor me ha enseñado

El Señor: the Lord
Enseñado: taught
T-10: a card used for ten trips in the metro. Could also say 'T minus ten' which would be about how many days I have left.

So I guess this is it then. It's been quite the journey. Thanks for those of you who joined me through email correspondence, who've watched along with the adventures, seen the growth, and heard the stories. Thanks to all of my incredible companions (you all are, you know?), and many thanks for the friendships I've made that will last for the eternities.

When I first stepped foot in the mission home (a place I've been in MANY times since) President Pace shared the words Oliver Cowdery wrote about his time as a scribe of the prophet. "These were days never to be forgotten." Looking back, I can only gratefully say the same.  Truly, "These were days never to be forgotten." All 500 and something of them.  I love my companion. She loves me too. She's making this a lot easier than I think it might otherwise have been, and I think I'm just starting to realize how much I've helped her as well. It's been a mutually beneficial transfer that we're both sad to see the end of.  Know that we've seen little miracles (recent converts taking seriously the role of a member missionary, and the friend of an old contact finding us and showing great interest to name a few).

We're gearing up for a busy week: District Meeting and crunch-time intercambio on Tuesday, all Thursday in our favorite pueblo with some promising news lined up, and the activity of San Jordi (Catalan festival of give a book and a rose? BOOK OF MORMON!) followed by a giant Noche de Talentos...which was moved just so I could be there, last Sunday (guess who's giving a talk), Monday exit interview and visits in Barcelona, Tuesday mission meeting (I think), and Wednesday... I'm going home.

I always knew that leaving the mission would be hard, and I've been hit a few times this last month with just HOW hard it is. But this last week and a half, I've been blessed with an increase of peace. Of all the feelings that could overwhelm me right now, the greatest of them all is gratitude.  And I'm determined to go with grace. After all, "Death is but the next great adventure."

There's a tradition in the mission for dying missionaries to give a short speech, share a message, not of what they learned, but what the Lord has taught them. I promised to share it with you all eventually, and since I don't know if I'll email again, I'd like to leave it with you now. I find it to be a fitting epitaph.

Lo que el Señor ME ha enseñado.
God loves your companion, and he loves you. He put you together for a reason. The trick is finding out why, learning and teaching what you can, and 'leveling up' in the game of becoming better.
Two different people can live together in harmony when their focus and purpose is the same- other people.
You can only teach the teachable, but you can testify to everyone.
God hears our prayers, every single one of them. And in his own time, he answers them.
When we work diligently with exact obedience, we are blessed to BE the answer to another's prayer. Sometimes we're just another missionary passport stamp on that person's path to salvation.
Rejoice in the daily good you do.
I learned what it means to be and bring the light. John 8:12
I learned to believe in 10 minute miracles: eternity changers that happen from one contact, one question, a single well-spent moment. Don't waste the Lord's time.
In turns, I was taught humility, consecration, diligence, and the great importance of keeping the commandments. I was repeatedly taught patience and learned to love on a level I didn't even know existed.
Obedience is the first law of Heaven, and love is the greatest. They work hand in hand.
I know how incredibly perfect and personal the plan of salvation is. I know that repentance is real, that we can all change for the better because I know that I have.

And I know that missionary work is worth it. Its worth it because it's true. The book, the church... all of it. It's worth it because of the seeds you plant and the testimony you write on your heart every time you bear it. It's worth it because of Christ, and the honor I have to bear his name.  It's worth a year and a half. And someday when out of habit my hands move to do that "chapa [nametag] check" and don't find that physical manifestation, I can find comfort in the knowledge that it's still there, written on the "fleshy tables" of my heart. Because missionary work is worth a lifetime.

Alma 26:5 "Behold, the field was ripe, and blessed are ye, for ye did thrust in the sickle, and did reap with your might, yea, all the day long did ye labor; and behold the number of your sheaves! And they shall be gathered into the garners, that they are not wasted."
I know what kind of servant I want to be. "Thanks for your service," and off you go? No.
Oh, prove faithful! be obedient! Fear not man more than God, and work to be worthy of the welcome, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."
And that's all I ever wanted.
This is what the Lord taught me, and what I know to be true, and I close this grateful testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Hermana Alayna Een
Last intercambio with Hermana Francisco
Placentero nos es trabajar- a hymn that's not in English. It's a mission farewell. And here's the direct (not all that lyrical, sorry) translation.
1. It's a pleasure for us to work in the Lord's vineyard, it's an honor for us to preach His law and His love to his people. For His light, for his light, it's a pleasure for us to work. For his light, for his light, we'll die in Him without sorrow (regret)
2. listen to the word of God with diligence, loyalty, and strength to always remember his purity, truth, and love. With love, with love, listen to the word of God. With love, with love, wave his flag.
3. Oh brethren goodbye, goodbye! The moment to go has come. If we keep our faith in the great God, we'll see each other later on/over there.  Over there, over there, oh brethren goodbye, well, goodbye. Later on, later on, we'll dwell with God in love.

Companion fact: in constant need of hand lotion. Loves Hermana Een, and is geared to continue doing great things.

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  1. Thank you, Sister Een, for your testimony. What an amazing missionary and daughter of God you are!