Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Death of a Missionary: The Pending Return of Alayna Een (Hermana no more)

Apparently missionaries refer to the time when they leave their mission to return home as dying and it's a thing to stage a death.  It seems rather morbid, but here is a picture she took for the occasion.  She hasn't sent an email this week, she warned us that might happen.  I figure when you die someone writes an obituary, so I did.  She'll resurrect to a new life tomorrow as she returns home.  This is the 100th post on her missionary blog.


Hermana Alayna Een, Age 546 days in the Spain Barcelona mission passed away April 27, 2016 at her mission home in Barcelona, Spain.  She was born in the Mission October 28, 2014 at the Madrid MTC (CCM) as part of the Amulek District with Hermana Ashley Curtis [Alternatively, December 10th, with Hermana Vanessa Manwill in Valencia]. She was received and prepared to spend her new live in ‘Zion’ by President Kenneth D. Lovell.  She was delivered to President and Sister Pace to begin the work of El Faro.

As a newborn Hermana Een moved to Valencia, Spain and lived with her proud Mama, Hermana Vanessa Manwill, together they were ManwillEen.  They were joined by Hermana Stilson, proving that they were StilWilEen.  After the untimely death of Hermana Manwill and the transfer of Hermana Stilson, Hermana Een became a mother (teen mom) herself to a bouncing baby girl, Hermana Manotas, a native of Spain.  She later adopted (step-mom)  Hermana Ruth Terraza, with whom she completed her undergraduate education (12-week training program).  While in Valencia the area celebrated her successes with the Fallas Festival.

Hermana Een moved to Barcelona for the graduate school of Sister Training Leader with continued studies at monthly intensive training at concilio that would continue throughout her life there.  While in Barcelona, Hermana Een studied with Hermana Megan Wiseman.  Hermana Een moved to (whitewashed in) Bilbao, the capital of the Basque region to continue her studies with Hermana Amanda Randall and the city celebrated their arrival with a festival that lasted more than a week.  

Hermana Een then moved to Lleida, Spain for some advanced studies with Hermana Shania Ingram and Gutoff and most recently was in Vic (enjoying Semana Santa), Spain with Hermana Natalie Arauco.  

Hermana Een enjoyed life to its fullest in El Faro and pursued many hobbies and interests, including intercambios, citas, fechas, and especially enjoyed standing at the water’s edge and watching people she loves dress in white.  She loved reading and kept up her education with study that included ‘The Book of Mormon’ and ‘Preach My Gospel’.  She enjoyed writing and regularly contributed to the blog, “ShesBarcelonaBound.blogspot.com”.

Hermana Een was preceded in death by Hermana Manwill, Hermana Curtis, President and Sister Lovell, President and Sister Mark Pace, and Hermana Terrazas.

Hermana Een is survived by President and Sister Dayton, Hermana Manotas, Hermana Wiseman, Hermana Randall, Hermana Ingram, Hermana Gutoff, Hermana Arauco, and many others whom she loved.

Burial will be held at the Las Vegas Nevada Stake offices located at 6100 West Alta Drive, at the intersection of Alta and Jones, presided over by President Gutierrez.  A memorial service will be held at the Evergreen Ward building at 221 S. Lorenzi Blvd at 1 PM on Sunday, May 15, 2016.  Visitation will be at the Een home.  Family will be pleased to greet friends and relatives.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorial donations made to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints missionary fund.  Condolences may be left on Hermana Een’s facebook page.

Yesterday we received a letter in the mail from Alayna's mission president, Merril T. Dayton.   Here are some excerpts:

"Congratulations on the consecrated missionary service of your daughter, Hermana Alayna Een.  Having been faithful and obedient, she has successfully and honorably completed her term of missionary service in the Spain Barcelona Mission."

"Hermana Een has served with distinction as a Junior Companion, Senior Companion, and Sister Training Leader.  All who have labored with her are appreciative of her devotion to the work of the Lord.  She has brought much joy and happiness into the lives of the people that she has taught and loved."

"We have loved serving with her.  We trust that your daughter's adjustment to life at home will come quickly, and that she may always be found on the Lord's side, building and strengthening His kingdom."

"May the Lord continue to bless your and your family."

We certainly are blessed!

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