Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Last Supper

The Last Supper: Christ's last meeting with the disciples when he institutes the sacrament, sets up his betrayal by Judas, and the last thing he does before going to the garden. It happens Easter week. My "last supper" in Concilio also happened this week, to a mix of emotions.

This week was full of so many good things, and there are so many things coming to the beautiful full circle.  Zone Conference: Familiar faces from the Barcelona and Badalona zones, together for one great mission meeting.

Intercambio: With Hermana Iregui in Girona. We were blessed to repeatedly be in the right place at the right time and saw so many little tender miracles and mercies. One involved a member who has a sister that lives in the little Pueblo of Olot (which we go to a lot. An overused joke) and she gave us her number so we could start visiting her. Her name is Sandra. Hermana Iregui started out the intercambio a little afraid of me and intercambios and by the time I left, she was comfortable with both. :) little successes.

The best day ever: We went to our pueblo of Olot. Our 'for sure' morning cita fallad [failed appointment] and in the sudden heat of spring, we found it hard to focus on contacting and working. But after a quick rest to regathering forces we went out a little more determined, and just a little braver. We talked to a lot of people, and left some good impressions/got some return citas [appointments]. Then we followed on with our afternoon plans and were able to see Sandra. She was SO cute...and really needed our help. Her husband died suddenly in her country 9 days ago, and ours was just the message she needed to hear, and we set up to see her again soon. As we got on the bus to head back to Vic we were still obsessing about how good of a day it had been. As we reviewed what had happened, counted the lessons, we were both surprised to see that we had found 7 new investigators. Our goal for the Easter week as a mission (sharing the 'Good News') was that every companionship could hit the pauta [mission goals] of 8, and we saw the difference a dedicated day can make.

Not the best day ever: Good Friday wasn't that great. We locked our keys in piso[apartment] and after a lot of wasted time had to pay a locksmith to get them out. Opposition in all things, right? And we're definitely a bit poorer this month. On the plus side, Kamal came to the Noche de Hogar [ward night] and LOVED it. He has the goal to be baptized on the 9th.  (Liliana was out of town this but we haven't forgotten about her!)

Saturday/Sunday: Turns out it IS possible to dye brown eggs. It just takes a lot more patience. We shared a lot of Easter messages to some people who really needed to hear it. I also went down to Badalona that Sunday night (for the second time that week...) because of CONCILIO.

CONCILIO: I expected it would be next week, and that I would have more time to prepare for what would be my 11th and last Concilio. D&C 39:22 [And he that receiveth these things receiveth me; and they shall be gathered unto me in time and in eternity. ]  and we just have to go with it. But it was so, so good. I've been so focused on being the torch bearer and keeping the light burning, now is the time to pass it on. But I looked around the room in the leadership conference at the old friends, young faces, and incredible new leaders... And I just felt peace. I'll endure a little longer and do all I can, but the mission is being left in good hands.

I also had to give my "Lo que el Señor me ha enseñado" [What the Lord has taught me] which I'll share with you all in my last week.

We're excited for General Conference, and to hear the prophet's voice.  We are ready to go forth in faith and without fear. We are praying for the missionaries in Brussels, and know that are blessed to be missionaries. We have had some fun run-ins with members this week from Sabadell (Near Barcelona), mother-daughter from Australia, and honeymooners from Cornwall, and it's incredible to feel the love, support, and respect we automatically have for each other.

Love you all!
Hermana Een

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