Monday, April 20, 2015

Piso Purgatory

Where do cats go when they die?

De donde van los gatos cuando mueren?
(Courtesy of  Punny Pete via Eliza)

Purgatory- (I'm actually not sure if that's how it's spelled) The in-between state of souls (not actually something we technically believe in. Questions? Ask a missionary to explain the Plan of Salvation... it's one of our favorite past-times)

Piso- The Spanish word for apartment. (Which you should know by now, if you are a frequent reader)

This week we've been in Piso Pergatory. Not really allowed to work because we're trying to help Hermana Terrazas heal, but also not entirely sure how long it's going to take and whether or not they're going to send her home. We were just... waiting for a phone call from the President and then from the mission Doctor. If you're wondering how it was like, it was worse than a college dorm full of girls waiting for the guy to call after a "perfect date." Even worse than Elder Calhoun, "Just waiting for that young man to call." It is literally "just the worst." (Thank-you Lego Gandalf)

So what do you do with a week in Piso?
We crafted:
-I embroidered her donut (butt pillow) with the baptism sign... and then with our names. And then added the date for good measure.

- I doodled. We now have a drawing of our companionship. So that´s exciting.

-We made scripture cases/decorated future agendas with pictures cut out of old "Liahona" magazines.
-I made, like, a million cards (ok... just 10.)

-We wrote back to family and friends

We watched:
-(technically listened to) The Sunday Afternoon Session of Conference. Apparently the world's ending soon, so watch out for that. ;)
-20 minute version of "The Restoration"... in 3 different languages.

- Basically every DVD we have in piso. (yay for "The Testaments! #BibleVideoBinge's like 4 hours all together.

We studied:
-We went through the entire Children's Song Book in Spanish.... which is much smaller than the English.
- We played Uno (definitely counts as Language study).
- We studied each other's lives by flipping open to journal pages and going through our camera memories.

I went on splits with the other Hermanas of our Piso for two of the nights, one in our area, one in theirs. So at least we got to visit our recent converts (still going strong... minus a slight "tithing" misunderstanding that's going to take some work).

Our Elders have been SO understanding (even though half of them are new). Hermana Terrazas has gotten blessings, they've offered comfort, Peanut Butter, and scripture-references.

Hermana Terrazas made it through Sacrament Meeting (standing up... like a champ) and we even managed to have a couple of investigators in church... one of them a new who came with a menos active [less active]. So miracles really DO happen.

And after almost a week of waiting we got word from Hermana Pace, that we'll be in piso for another week to watch it, help it heal. Translation: We still don't know.
(Downloading Mormon Messages as we speak)

It's funny (in a way that's not funny at all, so maybe strange is a better word).
I've helped "train" two companions.
One just wanted to go home, and ended up staying.
One who wants nothing more than to stay and be useful again....
we'll see.

This week's spiritual thought comes from the new Elder Pember-perfectscripture (I promise, I´ll learn his real name soon), who listed a bunch of comforting scriptures from memory like a Doctor prescribing meds... unfortunately I only remember this one:
Moroni 8:16    Wo be unto them that shall pervert the ways of the Lord after this manner, for they shall perish except they repent. Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear.
(Which is actually kind-of funny, because it doesn't start out comforting AT ALL.)

I'm Hermana Een. She's Hermana Terrazas.
We'll get through this, finding joy in the little things.

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