Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conference Moments from Halfway Around the World

Conference Moments—for the family

Conference is a little different here.  We don’t watch the last session (sad) and the ones that are live and in the morning in the states are live and at 6 PM here.  They showed the Women’s Conference at 4 on Saturday and so it was just us—8 Hermanas—in a room thousands of miles from home watching a session SUPER family focused.  Hna Terrazas said beforehand that she thought Conference would make her more home-sick than Holidays.  Well, I started tearing up in the opening song—remembering a year ago when I was sitting in the Conference Center—with Melissa and Mom.  So much has changed since than.  I don’t think there were any of us that didn’t cry at some (or many) point(s) in that session.  It was so good.

A couple of other people (some African investigaors) showed up too so it wasn’t just missionaries.
Bonnie L. Oscarson—I can be a homemaker, here on the mission (so the next day I decided to be the mother).

Saturday Morning Session

-Nothing is more awkward than sitting in a room full of missionaries and listening to a talk on marriage/charity (Boyd K. Packer)
-Loved L. Whitney Clayton’s talk on light.
-Announcing of full-time missionaries—Hey, I’m one of those!
-D. Todd Christopherson—Good talk on marriage . . . completely irrelevant at the moment (BUT CONGRATS !! TO LINDA KAY!  That’s one marriage I’m totally OK with missing because I just want it to happen!)
-Wilford W. Anderson’s Music of the Spirit talk was phenomenal . . . also left me with a strong desire to tell orchestra jokes.
-Dale G. Renlund—Hey, I read that book . . . Nice and fuerte.
-Last conference Elder Nordine was in the MTC choir.  Weird.
-Super-shiblom.  That was a great talk.
-Right-time-at-home.  I thought of your clocks . . .  I also thought that you’d be conference caroling soon and it was a nice feeling.
-New TEMPLES—all the missionaries look around.
-And next, Jeffery R. Holland (Yesss . . . , the missionaries rejoice.) SUCH a great talk, and wrap it up with Uchtdorf, you can’t go wrong!
-The people who “opposed” vocally :(
-Lots of new camera angles, right?
-When you missed a point, you could just ask the room in general, someone was bound to have it.
-I wish I had a Euro for every time they mentioned “The Family Proclamation”.

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