Monday, April 6, 2015

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Listen: Different from hearing, requires the attentiveness of the listener. To hear and understand, or take note.
Prophet: A man called of God to proclaim his word the world.
Voice: An instrument

When all else fails
As a missionary we LOVE making plans. We plan for half an hour every night, we have plans and back-up plans for every hour of the day. We spend a whole morning once a week planning for the next 10 days. We have goals and make plans. Plans plans plans. But some days, nothing goes according to plan. On Thursday we burned through plans A, B, C, and D and no one was there. We kept passing by addresses of old contacts or members and ended up at the house of two wonderful African members who have NEVER had the missionaries in their home before. We lifted them, they lifted us. Vanessa bore one of the strongest testimonies I've ever had the privilege of hearing, and I knew that we were where we needed to be in that moment (for me, for my companion, and for her). We had to go through a lot of failure to get there, but sometimes the Lord changes your schedule so you can be where He needs you. That's something I'm constantly learning on my mission.

We had our tri-monthly interviews with the Mission President. I love and respect that man so much. We talked about the "interesting" mission I've had so far and agreed that although there were some trying experiences, "we wouldn't have had it any other way. "All these things shall work together for thy good and give thee experience" (Or something like that.)

Easter- Pascua?
(For the longest time, I thought people were talking about the chameleon from Tangled... ;) )
It turns out I'm the mother of the apartment. I woke up 5 minutes early on Easter morning and hid Easter eggs for the others to find (some were chocolate, some were hard-boiled pre-dyed eggs that I'd bought). Then we had pancakes and home-made jam from (Elder Keen... who has time to make JAM on a mission?) and it felt like home.

General Conference
Listen to a Prophet's voice. We all went to the church on Saturday and Sunday and we watched General Conference (When leaders of the Church give talks and it's just.... super great). We watched it in English in the Primary room. Of course being literally on the other side of the globe (and not being able to see the last session :(  makes things different, but It was different in another way too. I watched Conference in room FULL of LDS missionaries (each of us taking notes and eating candy). I thought of PEOPLE as the talks were given. Their names are scribbled in my margins, and I just wanted them to hear what I heard and to feel what I felt. And then at the end, after being so spiritually filled, I thought, "Why can't everyone hear these words? Why can't EVERYONE feel this way?"
...some people are kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it.
So I know I need to talk to more people, and help them find what I've found. I'm not bad. I could be so much better.
For people to listen to the word of the lord, His servants have to SPEAK.

So I'll work on that, and other things.
There's always so much to learn and re-learn.

Love you guys!
-Hermana Een
Mama Mambo between conference sessions (they were at 2 and 6 here, right in the middle of mediodía so we HAD to eat.) 

The Hermanas were all together watching the Women's session... trying not to cry 

Cool Panorama of the Center of Valencia (Now that all the fences are finally down from the Fallas).

Also, pig legs are EVERYWHERE in Spain. Thought I´d send proof. 

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