Monday, April 27, 2015

Paciencia and the passing time

Pacencia: Patience, a virtue; possibly the most painful to develop.

Passing time: it either flies or drags, and there really is no in-between.

This was another week in piso with many little activities such as Spanish church videos, reading missionary library material, and "de-busheling" some talents. Did you know that Hermana Terrazas is actually a lemonade-making expert? I certainly didn't. I pulled out some of my "former art major" talents and drew a picture for her to color in and then we had a good 20 minute discussion about whether the couches were blue or black (they're black). Also, as it turns out, I have "Meet the Robinsons" and "The Incredibles" completely memorized.... as we found out when Hermana Terrazas challenged me to quote them.
I don't think there are missionary companionships that could be cooped up together this long and not even be close to killing each other. It's really just given us a steroid-dose of companionship unity which is never a bad thing.

We have a very supportive ward and they've volunteered to help us in the afternoons of the coming week (of course trying to coordinate travel and times with these people will be a daily, maybe hourly challenge, but we'll make it work). Although we still don't know much more about what WILL happen this next week, we're at least almost sure that they don't plan on sending Hermana Terrazas home (13 hour plane ride on a fractured tailbone? Not the greatest plan).

On Friday we were able to coordinate with members (someone to stay with Hermana Terrazas and someone to go out with me) so that I could go out with Mercedes to visit Allison. I was chatting with Mercedes and I just sort-of mentioned how long I'd been here, that I STARTED my mission in Valencia. I remember Mercedes dropping me and my trainer off somewhere, telling her life story, and I remember sitting in the back, zoning out, and wishing I could understand. Now here I am four months from that time, sitting in the front, holding a real conversation. Funny how time works.

Tomorrow is my 6 month mark in the mission. Which means that those of you who would like to write me tri-annually (if that's even a word), your time is now. ;)

In some ways it feels like forever, and in some ways I feel like I'm still just starting. But either way, there's no denying the fact that I'm not "NEW" anymore.
Popcorn is different here. Everything's different. I'm different. But I know it's in a good way.

Spiritual thought: Something I've been studying recently (obsessing over, really) is scriptural passages that mention "the one" or "but there was one." Specifically in Mosiah 11:20 And it came to pass that there was a man among them whose name was Abinadi; and he went forth among them, and began to prophesy, saying: Behold, thus saith the Lord, and thus hath he commanded me, saying, Go forth, and say unto this people, thus saith the Lord—Wo be unto this people, for I have seen their abominations, and their wickedness, and their whoredoms; and except they repent I will visit them in mine anger.  
16:2 And then shall the wicked be cast out, and they shall have cause to howl, and weep, and wail, and gnash their teeth; and this because they would not hearken unto the voice of the Lord; therefore the Lord redeemeth them not., 
19:2 And now behold, the forces of the king were small, having been reduced, and there began to be a division among the remainder of the people,
19:16 And now there was one of the sons of the king among those that were taken captive, whose name was Limhi.
And it just goes to show the power of a faithful "one."
Maybe I can't change the world, lead an escape, or convert 300 people. But I know that I can be one faithful daughter, an obedient example, a loving hermana. And maybe that way I can improve something in this little corner of the world.
And I know that you can too.

So there's that.
I love you all, and hope you know that.
-Hermana Een

Summary: Piso purgatory perpetuates, pero con [but with] patience, perseverance is possible.
I'm almost at 6 months in my mission. I love you.

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