Monday, July 20, 2015

Sudando in Summer

I read over last week’s email, trying to find out where to begin this one. I still haven't decided, but I guess I'll just dive right in.

Sudando- sweating.

Summer. (I'm also in the summer of my mission. Almost the half-way point)

Summer has always been an enjoyable time for me. It means swimming and family reunions, drive-in movies, shave-ice, marathons, staying up late, and vacations. As I grew up it also meant work and responsibility. Summer has always been fun, but there are always challenges as well. Some of them are summer-reading challenges at the local library (free books!) and some of them are making the work schedules align like the stars so that we can all go to the week-long family reunion in Utah, AND Girls Camp, AND EFY.

Summer on the mission is a whole different challenge.

Hermana Wiseman described it perfectly, but to paraphrase, "summer in Barcelona is when everyone who lives here leaves, everyone who IS here is a tourist, and everyone here is either at the beach, or sleeping, or old."

And that's the Gospel Truth.

We've gotten some closure with Eduardo. His family knows, his sister is taking care of his affairs, and we got photos printed to give to everyone who helped along the way. We're at peace again.
The beginning of this week was tough, but someone who has helped me through it (though he actually doesn't know about Eduardo yet) is Willy, our only progressing investigator.

I don't think I've ever talked about him in letters before, which is a crying shame, because he's incredible.

Hermana Wiseman is like Eduardo. Bright and cheery, accepts things easily, participates, and truly commits.

Willy is different. A deep thinker, a more of a listener than a speaker, and he wants to be REALLY sure before choosing a path. But once that choice is made, he'll never waiver.
Willy is like me.

How do I help the investigator-version of myself?

It's something I've asked a lot lately, and still don't quite have an answer to. But I'll keep working for it.

All of my mission, I've wanted to work better with members. Now that the heat has made street-contacting and door knocking effectively useless, it's become a necessity. So at the later part of the week, we start focusing on it more and holy cow, it's already made a huge difference.
Hermanas Een and Wiseman with Norma, the greatest member-missionary.

Sometimes you need a big change to teach you how to work differently, and better.

Jacob 6:12 O be wise; what can I say more? #lazyscripture

So that's the sweetened, condensed, Reader's Digest version of my week.

Love and prayers,
-Hermana Een

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