Monday, July 13, 2015

Project Life Journaling Cards received July 2015

Project Life Journaling Cards
“Extra fasting is NOT an approved weight-loss technique.”  --Elder Davis

Who:  Talia and her husband, Hermana Wiseman and I.
What:  A surprise eating cita. :/  She had asked us to come by at 7, so we did.  She gave us a bowl of soup and we were full.  She pulled out a giant plate and we almost died.  Quick-thinking Hna. Wiseman kept talking to stall and then asked for Tupperware.
Where:  Barcelona, member’s house.

Who:  Sofia, Hna Wiseman, and I, a member & her RM friend.
What:  The BEST plan of Salvation lesson I’ve ever experienced.  She got it, we testified, the members shared, and she committed to come to church.
When:  on my birthday 
Where:  Barcelona

So it turns out . . .  I’m very susceptible to the speech patterns of others, and adopt the phrases and intonations of others almost without realizing it.  Elder Bean—“hmm”; Hna Stilson—“Pero Bueno”; Hna. Wiseman—“Can we just talk about . . ."  Elder Maurer:  “Follow The Spirit.”

Who:  The crazy Catalunians, a motorcycle brigade.
What:  A half-hour long parade of Catalan pride down the main street of our area.  Everyone had flags, held up 4 fingers, and honked like crazy!
When:  Saturday 27/6/15 ~8 PM
Where:  C/Meridiana metro stop Sagrella, Barcelona

After 8 months on the mission, I’ve gained a great shoe tan.  But for the first time in forever . . . I don’t have a swimsuit tan anymore.

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