Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Blind Leading the Blind

Blind: Without sight. Lost.
Lead: To take charge, to show, to have a responsibility over the welfare of another.

This is the week of transfers (every six weeks). You don't know who your new companion will be or if you're staying in the area or anything until Saturday night and then you have until Tuesday to prepare. Sometimes nothing changes. Sometimes everything does. But more on that later.

This week was... well it was crazy, but I don't have oodles of time to spend talking about it so here's the low-down. There were trios, there were splits. There was a day when every single plan (even the back-ups and the back-ups to those) fell through. There was also a day when we had 7 citas within 3 hours and we somehow (with the help of some members) got to all of them. I got lost in my area on a split with a member. Everything looked familiar but nothing looked right and we were already a little bit late. It was one of the most frustrating moments to date. But that's just part of mission life. There are disappointments and challenges. You meet them, you shake them off, and you move on. We visited some people so Hermana Manwill could say goodbye and as we ran into piso on Saturday night, I got a rather unique phonecall.

President Pace called (a unique occurrence on the mission, seeing as there are over 200 missionaries) and asked to speak to me. Our conversation (after an inside-ish joke and some salutations) went somewhat like this.

"Hermana Een, I'm going to ask you to do something that has never been done before. Not in this mission, anyway."

    "Well.... I like being the first."

"We've prayed about it and have felt the confirmation. We'd like to ask you to train a new missionary this transfer. What do you think about that?"

    "Um. Wow."

"And while you're at it, whenever you can squeeze it in, you can finish training yourself. What do you think about that?"

     "Well, if you're sure, then I'll do my best."

"How are you feeling?"

     "It'll be better once I, you know, process this a bit."

He said a few other things, about his faith in me and such, logistics for when I go down to Barcelona for the training meeting, etc. I wished him a good night and hung up.

So I'll let that sink in a bit.

I'm not getting a trainer, I'm going to BE a trainer.
Somewhere in the CCM at this moment, there's a girl. She's saying goodbye to her District. She's passing around email information, and she's wondering. Where will she go? Who will her trainer be? She's hoping for a native. She's hoping for someone with a lot of missionary experience. She's eager for a senior companion. And what she gets instead is... me.

And tomorrow, I'll find out who she is.

So I ask for your prayers. On her behalf, as well as mine.

On Monday morning we said Goodbye to Hermana Manwill. On Tuesday morning we said goodbye to Hermana Stilson, who is being sent up North (a surprise to us all). I'm getting the apartment ready for 3 hermanas, one of them is somewhat experienced, the other two are training, and one of them will be mine.
Killing Hermana Manwill
Adios to Hermana Stilson

So here are my parting thoughts, the things that have kept me going these past couple of days.
"It's kind-of fun to do the impossible." -Walt Disney
"To receive blessings you've never had, you've got to do things you've never done." -Hermana Manwill
1 Nephi 3:5 and... a LOT of other scriptures.

It's a good thing I represent the only person who has ever made a blind man see. (have to tie-in the title, you know?)

Wish me luck!!! I'll tell you all about it next week!

Summary: I'm my own step-mom and I'm going to be a teenage mother (something that has NEVER been done before in my mission). Changes happen in ways you wouldn't expect. Pray for me, pray for her. Saying goodbye is hard.

Hermana Een

Hermana Jimenez and I getting new companions

READ THIS FIRST!!! (sent to specific friends)

Some of you have asked (ok, just Eliza, but there we go) and so I figured I'll tell you about my new trainer.

She's SUPER great. I feel like I've known her my whole life. We share the same tastes in clothing, foods... we even have the same favorite color! She's a pro at movie quotes and references and keeps me entertained for HOURS. 

We've already decided to be roommates when I get back to college. It just made sense, you know?

I've told her about you guys and she already loves you SO much. I'm just so blessed to be with someone so unique and wonderful and strong and I'm excited for you to get to know her.

Actually, you guys already do!!

It's me. 
I'm my new trainer.
I'm my own step-mom.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, I get to be a mother too!

Ok love you bye!!!

-Hermana Een

Sorry, couldn't resist.
(read my general letter.)

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