Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Hey guys.

So, long story short (for this moment anyway). I've been to Barcelona and now I'm gone again. Trains are REALLY fast here, and dad's probably right about the whole ¨150mph thing... it got up to 300 km.

The Paces are AWESOME. The missionaries are awesome, everything is awesome. Some of the missionaries were nervous about leaving... about who their trainers would be, about everything but I'm handling it pretty well.

Hermana Curtis is not in my mission, she's heading off to Malaga, there's only ten of us here. I had that song from Anastasia stuck in my head the whole time today and yesterday ¨Heart, don't fail me now, courage don't desert me...." and other words I don't know, but it's a great song to have stuck in your head at a time like this.

We did a bit of sight seeing in Barcelona, got stuff for our residency, and had interviews with President Pace. That guy has SUCH a big heart, he teared up a lot and kept shaking my hand and telling me how glad he was that I was here and that I chose to come. Then we split off with some other Barcelona missionaries (Hermana McWhorter) and did some street contacting and stayed in their apartment overnight.

We did some other residency stuff, more proselyting, and had a LONG meeting today, at the end of which we got our assignments and trainers.
I've been assigned to Valencia and my trainer is Hermana Manwill. A three hour train ride later, and here I am, sitting at a slightly sketchy computer place (Locotorio) writing this email. I'm excited to get started! But I feel a little conflicted because I'm pretty sure Hermana Manwill only has a few more weeks in the mission field. I don't know how that'll work into my training, but I have faith.

I love you all!!!

I might not be able to send pictures because the computer place is sketchy and last time they got viruses on their sd cards. Playing it safe for now.
Less than three!

Hermana Een
President Pace, an angel on my shoulder
New Spain Barcelona Missionaries December 2014

First Companion, Hermana Manwill

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