Thursday, December 25, 2014

Snipets from Christmas

From the Christmas Day video call:
--I’m an alto . . . because I can sing parts.
--First investigator meeting she moved up her baptism to choose a special day—CHIRSTMAS.  I bore my testimony and everything!
--For the baptism today we sang a mash of “Come Follow Me” and “Oh Come, All Ye Faithful”.  [Would that be “Oh Come Follow Me All Ye Faithful”???]  We practiced it without accompaniment then a pianist played and they aren’t in the same keys and it got messed up.  It wasn’t great, but it was still OK.
--Valencia oranges . . . people give you oranges at the doors, BAGS of oranges.
--NEED Knock-Knock Jokes
--Spencer’s advice:  Be obedient, love every moment and I trust you.
--A mission is hard.  There are lots of rules and I’m coming to love and appreciate them. 
--The Spirit is REAL. 
--When I try to say something I don’t know how to say in Spanish I just say what I think and it comes.  [Mom insert:  AKA The Gift of Tongues]
--There are good people everywhere.  Some are not ready yet.
--You can never teach the wrong lesson to the right investigator. 
--God knows us best.

--I’m happy!!!

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