Thursday, November 27, 2014

SnailMail at the end of the MTC (CCM)

Dear Een Family
So here’s some fun snail mail stuff:
Remember how I went to college last year and took a couple of art classes?  Well, one of the girls in my class showed up yesterday. She was born in Italy but grew up in America.  She’s serving in Italy, already knows the language, and is learning with our group.  We just had a moment, pointed at each other, and then it clicked.  Pretty funny.  Her name is Stephania Bautizata which is almost the Spanish word for Baptism . . . which is funny.

I love you guys, love hearing from you.  I’m working on the language, but—while we're on the subject, here’s some awesome Spanish mistakes.
                Orejas – ears
                Ovejas –sheep
I just told one of my teachers that I have sheep on the side of my head.

Jesus died for our fish.  (No joke, elders in our district have said that in lessons before.)

One of our teachers told a story of a sister missionary in his home ward last week who stood up at the pulpit and meant to say “I’m embarrassed because the Bishop asked me to speak” but because of the funny way Spanish works, she ended up saying “I’m pregnant because of the Bishop.”  So . . . the Bishop turned beet red and the whole congregation burst into laughter.  *Note to self:  Don’t try to say ‘embarrassed’ in Spanish.  Whatever situation you try to describe couldn’t be worse than the one you almost put yourself into.

Today we had a Thanksgiving.  I love stuffing.  I love to stuff myself with stuffing.  We usually have a bit of free time on Thursdays so I suggested that we take a little while and have each member of the District grab their photos and do a little background/intro.  Today I got to talk about you guys.  “Yes, I know, my Dad does look like Abraham Lincoln” and “Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like it, but that little dark-haired girl really is related to me.  No, that’s my younger sister; she’s not the married one.”  Or Yes, my Mom is really 6’0”.  Yes he’s really 14 . . . and 6’4”.  I played our trio to the EFY medley.  Hermana Curtis says I just melt when I talk about you guys.  Well, you are my favorite subject.  (Well, besides the Gospel, of course.)

We didn’t get to go out and do anything tody because A) it’s Thanksgiving and B) we’re watching the MTC Devotional live, so it cuts into our time. 

Anyway our “Special Activity” (a consolation prise, if you will) was watching “Meet the Mormons”.  A lot of people didn’t have the opportunity to see it before coming and a lot of the teachers hadn’t seen it yet either.  The candy bomber gets me every time.  It’s fun seeing it on this side of things, relating to the missionary efforts more.

I’m super excited to listen to the Christmas CDs you guys sent (starting this afternoon, since Thanksgiving is officially over) and want to thank you once again for the package.  It was . . . so great to hear from you guys and nice to have a physical copy.  (Elder Reading wanted to email Mom and tell her that she should replace the toner, but he forgot.  He’s funny like that.)

Last Sunday, instead of the typical Bednar devotional (apparently MP is neighbors with Bednar, and he probably said ‘hey, can I show the missionaries every devotional you’ve ever given?’)  we watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration.  ALL the feels.  I LOVE that movie.

This Monday we lost the Ukranians, so to commemorate their last day we had . . .American food (you know . . .because we’re so culturally sensitive and all.)  There was reverence in the comidor as we savored every bit of the Dominos pizza.  (Apparently they have those here) Nothing like the taste of home.  (Literally)

Lots of love coming your way!

Alayna Een

Hermana Een J

(Sticker of Cinderella)  [arrow] to commemorate the new Cinderella movie.  Marissa sent these in her package because everyone needs stickers. 

Other slips of paper in the envelope:
A card to accompany the Tigger outfit we were instructed to send to SpAria for Christmas.  It joked that they can return it if they don’t name their baby Alayna.
P.S. Sorry for leaving my room a mess L guilty face.

Oh, and also, those Christmas CDs make me really happy.  And my District loves you guys by extension.  (We all love Christmas).  Also, through the MTC Devo Sister Bednar suggested we have our families and friends pray specifically for me to be blessed with the gift of tongues.  So . . . ya.  J

MTC group on the steps of the Madrid Spain Temple
Goofy pose

MTC (CCM) district at the Park Retiro in Madrid where they went each Saturday.

Keen, Een, Green, Bean

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