Thursday, November 27, 2014

Spain Again

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!!!!
I love holidays. I love P-Days. Today will be great.
We're having a Thanksgiving feast for lunch today (since most of us are Americans anyway), so I'm super-excited for that.

As for other news:
-As of today, I have been on my mission for exactly a month. Crazy, right? Yes, I'm still in the MTC (CCM), but it still counts.
- I have now officially played soccer in Spain (fĂștbol, I guess) so that makes me pretty official, though I can't say I was very good at it. ;)
-Last P-Day we went to the Prado Museum of Art (it's like... a pretty big deal) and I got to see some AMAZING pieces from some classic masters, as well as some lesser-known but just as cool. My only regret was that we only had an hour and a half.
(I promise that my week doesn't revolve around P-Day, it´s just the easiest thing to talk about)
-Christmas decorations are going up everywhere, they started to turn on the Christmas lights on the temple grounds, and the little stable they set up for the nativity looks like a hobbit hole. (Or maybe I'm just a nerd.)
-My District sang ¨Nearer my God to Thee¨ as a musical number last Sunday, and we totally rocked it.

I want you guys to know that God loves His children. He loves them and knows what they need. I'm not the greatest or most out-going person, and I'm not one to start conversations, so when we were assigned companions for the park on Saturday (the one day when we go out and talk to people like real missionaries) I prayed that my deficiencies would be covered by my companion and that I would be able to contribute in other ways. And that's exactly what happened. I needed her (Hermana Griffin's) fearlessness in talking to people, she needed my insight and higher language skill. And because we made such a well-balanced team, we were able to make a couple of really strong contacts.
My companion struggles sometimes with thinking she's not good enough, and on Sunday we
had a lesson about perfectionism and how to work with and overcome those feeling. It was exactly what she needed.

I love being out here to do the Lord's work. I love being able to -sometimes- be the one to help him help his children.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, I'm really feeling the love and throwing it right back at you!

-Hermana Een

Our only District picture: Hermana Een, Curtis, Elder Smurthwait, Hermana Gallegos, Elder Bean,
 Hermana Brawn,  Elder Reading, Elder Male

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