Friday, November 21, 2014

A Day in the life at the MTC: Madrid Edition

But first, a message from Elder Reading:  We wake up eat a badly horrible pre-lunch.  Then Een and I talk and joke until lunch.  Then talk & joke until post lunch!  It’s fechin swoll & such. (He means “fetching” He loves lunch.)
OK, but really:
6:30—wake up, dress, companion study
7:00--breakfast until 7:45 (we usually get there at 7:15)  Sometimes Spanish stuff, Always cereal.  Good day when there is Frosted Flakes.
8:00—personal study in the classroom (for your investigator or scriptures)
9:00-9:30—Companionship study
9:30-10:30—Teach investigator  (these two might be switched)
10:00-11:00—Fundamental study with teacher (Growing a testimony through  Book of Mormon, Church Attendance, etc.) or Grammar, topics; Both with teacher
Morning teacher, Hermana Salas

11:00-12:00—Language study.
12:00-1:00 Companionship study/prep for investigators/teach (if assigned)
1:00-2:00 Lunch (called Comida here) largest meal.  They serve Fanta soda.  It’s like liquid gold.  (I like it well enough but most people complain)
2-3  More classes, usually Grammar, also below
3-4  “
4-5  Language study (Personl)
Afternoon teacher, Hermana Martinez

5-6 SPORTS  (2 choices every day)  They play soccer every other day, and people are super passionate about that.  Usually Dodgeball or Volleyball, which I’m getting better at.
6-6:45 A little bit of wiggle-room, time to actually work out, shower and get dressed (only free-time you ever really get)
6:45-7:30—Dinner, usually smaller
7:30-8—Companionship study/Prepare
8-8:30—Teach or companionship study
8:30-9:30 Language Study (with teacher . . . but not a lesson)
9:30-10:30—Ready for bed, shower, write in journal
10:30 Lights out
Evening teacher Hermana Santana & Lacombre

*We do fit in a fair amount of joking, as Elder Reading mentioned.  Sometimes a 10 minute break does wonder to help re-focus.
*They play “Called to Serve” over the intercom at 5 ‘til, so we get to class on time.  I think they play “Abide With Me, ‘Tis Eventide” at night and something else in the morning.
*It’s a lot of work, so I understand why most people think it’s hard to adjust to.  Once you get in the groove though, it’s not that bad.
*People are really strict about mission rules.  It’s the Lord’s time, and you’re supposed to spend it exactly how it’s allotted to you.  That makes doing laundry really hard, since you can’t leave class to switch a load.  Also, you can only write letters on P-Day, which is why I’m speeding through this one.  There are a lot of mission rules . . . You can only take pictures on P-Day and only outside the MTC, but I do follow them.
*P-Day is everyone’s favorite.  Temple in the morning, then letter writing and emails, then lunch, something awesome in the afternoon (trips and such) back for letter writing (actually, there’s never any time for that), dinner, devotional, and discussion with our district.
*Getting mail = instant jealousy from everyone else.  Everyone has a boyfriend/Girlfriend, and everyone wants letters.
*You get used to being tired.  I have to squeeze journal writing in before bed, so there’s never enough time to sleep.  My eye was twitching for 2 ½ days straight, but it finally stopped.
*We can run to the grocery store (nice) or the China store (a sketchy treasure trove of anything you might need—if you can find it, run by a Chinese couple) during lunch as long as we’re back in time for class.
*It’s super-hard not to burst into song.
*Each companionship gets a little magnet key.  If you lose it, you can’t go anywhere.  (It’s so the gypsies don’t come in and steal stuff).  Fact:  Elder Reading is terrified of Gypsies.
*If you get a “commendable” on your cleaning check, Sister Lovell (President’s wife) makes you cookies.
*Devotionals are everyone’s favorite.
*Sister Lovell makes us sing “You’ve had a birthday” and jump after every phrase whenever it’s someone’s birthday at lunch.  We love it.
It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work and I’m not sure what else I should tell you, so I’ll leave it at that.  I love and miss you guys! –Alayna Een

Postcard of 062 Plaza Mayor
I’m putting this in an envelope to save on postage. 
Spain sure does have a lot of random statues, but this is in the Centro, so it’s probably important.
P.S.  Those cobblestones are death
Every step is treacherous and you have to watch where you’re going which is hard because you want to look at the awesome buildings too!

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