Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Double Decades, Disney Princess, Despedida

Double Decades: Turning twenty. It's kind-of a big deal.
Disney Princess: Somehow we decided to sing "Let it Go" for the ward's "Noche de Talentos." My companion was Elsa, I was Ana.
Despedida [farewell, goodbye]: We said goodbye to President and Hermana Pace in their last concilio (group leadership meeting) yesterday. I didn't think I would cry. I bawled.

I feel like this week hasn't been that long, like it hasn't dragged uncomfortably or anything, but SO much has happened, that I don't know how to fit it into a letter. But I'll try.

This week I went on my first intercambio [exchange] as a Sister Training Leader. I worked with Hermana Stott, she has a year in the mission, and is one of the sweetest, humblest, and most spiritual people I've had the pleasure of knowing. Although she said it was a good experience, I feel like I definitely learned more from her than she could possibly have learned from me. Just to add to the fun of it, our phone ran out of saldo (i.e, we couldn't call ANYONE), the next refill wasn't for another 2 days, and my companion was left to run the area without a phone. I told her to find a miracle, and she did. Someone we met in an elevator a few weeks ago now wants to be baptized. I think it's funny the more technology we get (iPads, my friends) the more God has to prove to us that we can do His work without it. (Without even the basics of a telephone.)

This week I turned 20. And it was also the day our saldo cycle started over, which was a nice gift. I got letters, emails, a package, the Elders bought chocolate and ice-cream, the Hermanas made French toast, and I had the opportunity to teach the best Plan of Salvation lesson I've ever taught to one of the most prepared people on the planet. Her name is Sofia, and her son of 18 months has leukemia.  And she's incredible. It was a great day and I just felt so incredibly loved all around. Thanks to everyone who contributed to that.

Saturday was the ward activity, a talent show. The missionaries are expected to put on two numbers, and they are expected to be the best. (No pressure, no pressure.) The Elders put together a comical synchro routine and well... we sang. It was like cheap Halloween, trying to put together costumes from stuff around piso [apartment], but it was an appreciated effort. People asked to take photos with us, we sang well, and now the ward loves us. (But seriously, though.) Plus, childhood dream fulfilled? All in a day´s work. ;)

Sunday we had a surprise baptism because someone’s records were lost and... needed to be rebaptized como YA in order to go to a family temple trip. Muy divertido [very funny].

This week we went to Concilio. I saw good friends and was able to hear about the work that goes on in Valencia, my old area. We were all mesmerized by the easiness of sharing photos through the magic of air-drop. We took lots of selfies and even more notes. We counseled together, and then at the end bore testimony and it was just such a sweet experience. We sang and then President ended the meeting with a prayer, and I don't think there was a dry eye. I love President Pace with all my heart. It'll be different from here on out, but as he said, you're here to serve the Lord, not your mission President, so nothing really is changing.

I'd like to end with a Spiritual thought shared by Hermana Stott:
A lot of people try to justify their disobedience and sin by saying that "God understands." I think we should worry less about God understanding US, and try a little bit harder to understand HIM. To trust Him and know that his commandments are for our eternal welfare.

I love you all!
Until next week!
-Hermana Een

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