Friday, December 11, 2015

Project Life Journaling Cards

1/12/15 (European style, that’s December) Preparation Day
            The day after concilio, just the lonely Hermanas day, we took a little time to write letters and such, shop a bit, and then finally FINALLY made it to the castle.  It’s Lleida’s biggest landmark, and one of the few true attractions.  I’ve drawn a castle on EVERY preparation day since I’ve been her and as we finally walked in we heard the good news “It’s free today!”  We took TONS of photos, explored what we call “The Queen of Hearts Cathedral.” (at some point it had been turned into an army barracks and the soldiers—being silly young men—had beheaded almost all of the statues) and even climbed the many tiny stairs to reach the lookout tower.  You can see all of Lleida from there.  It’s incredible.
            It was a good, full and relaxing and exciting preparation day.

I learned . . . of little seeds and great fruit.
The night before concilio Hermana O’Neill told me how Carol (in Valencia) is returning to the church and preparing for baptism . . . because I reached out in an email at the right time. 
Hna. Lameroux said how Manuela is “obsessed” with me and “the most prepared person I’ve ever taught.”  And I rejoice in the knowledge that great good has come from little things I’ve done.

Exchanges  . . . with my trainee J  2/12/15
In many ways it was a weird “blast from the past”—riding buses, contacting in semi-darkened streets and being ½ lost . . . but we’ve both changed so much since then.  We realize how we both needed and learned from that long ago transfer, and that we’re better off because of it.  Even better, we’re friends.  We can talk openly, teach and testify together.  I love Hermana Manotas.
Back in the day...

Let the Holy Spirit Guide.
At the end of a preparation day, our ‘for sure’ cita [appointment] failed, leaving us without real plans, and I could tell my companion was frustrated. I knew we had to decide something fast and surprised myself by saying “I was thinking we should visit Ana” though the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until that point.  It was a perfect cita.  I know we were guided, and I was so grateful.

Zone Conference
1st one in Lleida.  As usual, I was assigned the Hna. Dayton “Achieving goals” topic. 
They had a Santa Claus come and give a Christmas gift to each companionship.  The box said “To:  Dios, De:  El Faro”.  Inside was a small Christmas ornament that said “One baptism in December”  For EVERY companionship.  (Not as well executed as it was in concilio, but the affect was good.)

Two very different people can live together in harmony when their focus is the same—OTHER people and THEIR needs.
Any companionship can work if both people are willing.

            Nothing is better than a surprise letter or package from home.
            Few things are harder than waiting for a letter/package that you know is coming and doesn’t. (Or if your companion gets a surprise something while you are waiting.)

Funny Spanish Mistake:
(Not on our part)

We contacted this African man who did not speak English or Spanish very well.  After a couple minutes of trying to tell him we wanted to share a message (mensaje) he sounded very interested until we clarified that we were not giving massages (masaje).

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