Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Lost Manuscript

Sorry, Not a Phone Call

So I made it! I didn't get lost in the airport and I didn't die and my baggage didn't get lost and I didn't miss my connecting flight.
I also didn't call you because they were RIGHT THERE to pick us up and we didn't get the chance. Seriously, we didn't even have to go through customs and stuff like the VISA guys said we would. We just sort-of... walked into a foreign country like it was no big deal.
The flight to Zurich was LONG. I slept ok for someone who didn't have a lot of leg space. The food was good, though. Lots of cheese (you know you´re in a long flight when they feed you twice).
Sometimes I forget that I´m not in America because I still see English everywhere and there was even a poster promoting the Walking Dead experience. Also, the Swiss airline played a song that sounded like Matt Nathanson (David and Eliza will know).
I didn't buy Swiss chocolate in the airport, but the Elder who I met up with did (he got franks just for that purpose before he left) and shared. They also gave us chocolate on the plane.
Flight attendants usually speak to me in German and I blame it on the fact that I'm wearing a scarf. That’s a very European thing to do.
The temple is right next door, and every floor has a new and beautiful view. I´ll try and send pictures with my next letter.
Our P-day is Thursday and we go to the temple every Thursday morning.
They put me in a more-advanced Spanish speaking district. Challenge accepted.
Spanish keyboards are weird and will probably contribute to the deterioration of my language skills.

I love you guys!
-Hermana Een

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